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What is NCRA? When you put the many pieces of the NCRA puzzle together, you get the picture of an energy company that takes crude oil pumped right out of the ground, and makes it into gasoline and diesel fuel ready to be used in cars, boats, trucks, and farm equipment.

NCRA is also a cooperative, which means we are owned by our customers. We have three Member-Owners; CHS Inc., Growmark, and MFA Oil Company. Like NCRA, they are also cooperatives, but rather than having just three Member-Owners as we do, they each serve thousands of farmer Member-Owners throughout the upper United States. As a fuel producer, our roots and our purpose is to provide fuel for the farms of Mid-America through our Member-Owners.

NCRA requires a wide variety of systems and processes, from the 85,000 barrel-per-day refinery in McPherson, to over 80 trucks and over 1,000 miles of pipelines moving crude oil and finished products to various tanks and terminals -- but most importantly, NCRA requires people. We have an experienced workforce of over 650 employees who do an excellent job of keeping it all running and moving in the right direction.

I’m proud to work with the people of NCRA and together we are building a safe, efficient, and progressive future.

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Jim Loving,
NCRA President







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